My current work is composed of two genres of photographs, they are different in creation however share similar aesthetic qualities. One that centrals behind psychological fictional narrative often involving a character in a troubling scenario. The other is of non fictional based scenes that are composed of visual elements that I do not arrange, however are found in my exploration of a city. I was diagnosed with Cancer as a child which physically and mentally changed my perspective of the world. The trauma from the intense emotions of fear, isolation and confusion fused its way into the creation of my work. The majority of my visual influences originate from the world of film. I am particularly interested in the cinematic works of Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson, and Rodger Deakins. Gregory Crewdson is the foundational influence in my work. His use of photography influenced me on how I could use still images in a cinematic style to create a dramatic scene with ambiguous narratives. Providing this framework allowed me create fictional scenes and take full control over what is being presented in the image.      

Bio: Born and raised in Columbus, Ga. Received my BFA at Columbus State University in the fall of 2018 and I am currently working towards my MFA at Florida State University. 

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